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Knitting and Farming

I went to the store with Ruthann, who has been sick with a cold all weekend and she said she felt better and needed to get out of the house and get a pop! So we got a pop, and drove around drinking it, and then we stopped at the store for milk and bread and some meat that was on sale. Now I am all fixed with meat, so I can make meals the rest of the week.

I bought stew meat for stew, because when it gets cold I like to make stew, so I'll make that in the crockpot tomorrow. I got a package of chicken breasts, because I can always do something with those, and a package of pork chops, just for the heck of it.

What I'm knitting today:

I made a list of all the projects that I need to finish, and also listed projects that I want to start, and it's a pretty long list. Maybe I need to spend less time farming on Facebook? Nah. I have plenty of time for knitting while my crops grow.

Last week I started a Knit-A-Long with Wendy when she mentioned that she was going to knit the Mondo Cable Pulli from Chicknits. This weekend, after Wendy re-read the directions and wrote up the stitch counts for us to refer to, and we could both see that the raglan increase line from shoulder to neck wasn't going to be long enough, Wendy cleverly re-wrote the increase part of the directions, and we will be starting over. You know my motto: if you don't like to rip, you don't like to knit!

I was originally going to knit this sweater for Kim, but since Kim has approximately a hundred handknit sweaters, I think I'll make this one in a smaller size for Carolyn.

Yesterday I saw a great baby hat on someone's knitblog, so I downloaded that pattern last night, and I'm pretty excited about making it for Scott's kids. Whooo! Baby knitting! It goes so fast!

Also, I am finally sewing the knitted triangle-point trim around the edge of the blanket for Rachel's baby! Only one more of these blankets to finish after this one, and then I will probably never make another one, at least until the memory of sewing on trim fades!

5:31 p.m. - 2009-10-12


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